Other Favorite Links
Fritz the Nite Owl
Website of comic book author, Sean McKeever.  Sean has written a story about Metropolis that we hope to see printed soon!  Check it out.
Michael Kaluta's Metropolis Art Page.  Kaluta is a great artist who illustrated the 1988 reprint of Metropolis the novel.
Fritz the Nite Owl.  The best movie host and Jazz DJ alive today.  This is my humble site                         dedicated to him.
Check out a website about a great small press comic, Green Piece, by Adam Owen.
Brigitte Helm as Miss Universe!
Patrick McEvoy's Megaflow Graphics.  Patrick is   a great fantasy artist.  His site is a "must see"!
The Sci-Fi Channel's Sci-Fi.com, for all your Science Fiction needs.
Universe M, an index of all the websites I have created. 
Lara Goeke's fantastic Gustav Frohlich page.  A site dedicated to a great actor.  Everything you need to know is here.
Sci Film
Sci Film, check them out for movie news, reviews, and a discussion forum on Sci-Fi, fantasy, and special effects                               films of all types.
Robots of the Silver Screen, a site dedicated to robots and the movies they were featured in.
The official website of Boris Karloff, best known for his portrayal of the Frankenstein Monster.  The site is run by his descendants.
The Official Elsa Lanchester Website, dedicated to the actress who brought     life into the Bride of Frankenstein.
Jeffrey K. Bedrick's site showcasing some fantastic art!  Check out  his rendition of Futura titled Metropolis.
Mark Nagata showcases his great artwork on this website.  Check out his print titled Metropolis.
Kino.com's website detailing the upcoming release of the newly restored, Metropolis!
Click here to learn of Metropolis the Musical, originally performed at the Picadilly Theatre in London, performed at the Pentacle Theatre in Salem, Oregon.
Vignaledanza On-Line 2001 has an interesteing excerpt from a Metropolis ballet. 
Thomas Staedeli's German Film History of Metropolis.
Click here to visit our sister site dedicated to the man who gave life to Rotwang.
Click here to visit the only site dedicated to the man who first gave music to Metropolis!
Marv Wolfman, legendary comic writer.