My wife and I as two of our favorite characters, Freder and Futura.  Our dog, leaning against a chair, is portraying herself.
    Metropolis, in case you couldn't tell is my favorite movie.  I wanted to create a website that would enlighten people in an entertaining way about the genius of Metropolis.  It is my hope that you have found this website both informative and fun.
    In case you are interested, I have included a little auto-biography on this page.  Thanks for stopping by!
    I was born in the last millineum.  At an early age, I was taught the difference between right and wrong, and to be passionate about my beliefs.  I was also taught to appreciate really good movies.
    My mother introduced me to the wonder of the comic book, and changed my life.  A lot of what I believe about truth, justice, and the American way came from those silver age comics.  Some people say everything they needed to know in life they learned from Star Trek, for me it was comic books, particularly those published by D.C. Comics.
    My father introduced me to Science Fiction movies.  From him I learned what the term "classic" means.  Movies such as Forbidden Planet, Planet of the Apes, The War of the Worlds, and a movie he watches every other week it seems, The Thing are ones he would call classics.  I would add to that list Star Trek II:  The Wrath of Kahn, and Metropolis.

    I would consider myself an expert in two fields:  Radiologic Technology, and comic books.  If I  could be a super hero, I would be Green Lantern.  The ability to create things out of your imaginition and see it materialize instantly is a really cool ability.  Having an artistic leaning, I find this a great super power.  Being that green is my favorite color may also influence this.  Of all the different incarnations of Green Lantern, I prefer Hal Jordan.  He, to me, is the greatest American hero.    He is fearless and does not use his power as a crutch.  He is principled and takes responsibilty for his actions.  His power wasn't the coolest thing about him, his personality was.  These were truly the qualities that most silver age comic book characters had.
    I have a strange sense of humor.  I attribute this to my father, Peter Sellers, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (the Joel years), and Fritz the Nite Owl, the guy on the left.  Fritz, like myself, is a comic book buff.  He also hosts Nite Owl Theatre, in Columbus, Ohio.  He is a jazz d.j. for CD 101.  If you want to hear real jazz from the best jazz d.j. in the galaxy and get some laughs you can log onto CD 101 on the internet on Sundays, 8-11:00 pm.  Check out
my links page for more information on Fritz.
From Power of Shazam, no. 20.
   I have been happily married, for over fourteen years, to a wonderful woman.  She is beautiful on the inside and the outside.  She is my best friend and my editor. 
    We just recently moved away from our families to another part of the country.  The most difficult part of life was finding a church.  After about a year, we have found one.