These three images are a small collection of Bulagarian cigarette cards that I purchased recently.  They were manufactured during the early 1930s.
Bonnie Tyler, from the soundtrack of the Moroder version of Metropolis.  She is most famous for the song, Total Eclipse of the Heart.
These three images are some iron-ons I recently acquired off of e-bay.
Two early German cigarette cards featuring the lovely Brigitte Helm.
A wonderful characature of Brigitte Helm by Mr. Heinz Tischmeyer.  Special thanks to Thomas Staedeli for the use of this image.  Click on the image to see Thomas's Metropolis site.
Fritz Lang and Brigitte Helm surrounded by the girls of Yoshiwara's.  Click on the image to see the cast photo.
The program of the Cleveland Cinematheque, where I saw the restored Metropolis.
A recent re-release of a classic book.
The poster for Randy Bowser's revival of the Joseph Brooks and Dusty Hughes musical version of Metropolis.
Futura as seen in Randy Bowser's Metropolis.  Check out Randy's website dedicated to the musical on our links page.
A homage to Metropolis by Keith Ross.
An autographed card of Gustav Frohlich.
. .
An autograph for a fan of Rudolf Klein-Rogge. 
*Thanks MG!
Excerpts from a reprint of an early Metropolis film magazine.
Autographs of Alfred Abel and Theodore Loos.
Autographs of Rudolf Klein-Rogge and the lovely Brigitte Helm.
A lobby card for a possible re-release of Metropolis.
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